Why is professional development vital in a PR career?

One of the greatest misconceptions in the corporate world is that working professionals don’t need further qualifications.

The PR Academy MENA
January 27, 2022

One of the greatest misconceptions in the corporate world is that working professionals don’t need further qualifications. It is often understood that professional development usually ends after one completes the formal education and steps into the professional world. However, that is not true, to say the least. Learning as they say is a life long process, and is defined as that for all the right reasons.

At The PR Academy MENA, we believe having related qualifications and continuing to learn makes a huge difference. Not only does it define the path of one’s career progression, but it also has a wider impact on how the industry and the profession flourishes.

A related qualification is vital for anyone who wants to make a meaningful impact in any industry, and the PR industry is no exception. Not only does an accredited course equip you with the knowledge of the industry, but it also enhances your skills so you can apply that knowledge in the field, in a hands-on and effective way. Now that does not mean that you are not required to brush up on the knowledge that you already acquired. Our accredited CIPR courses are designed for two purposes – to help you gain knowledge of the industry and to polish any related skills you may already have.

In these courses, you learn the theory of PR, gain the skills needed to apply theory in practice, and learn habits to keep up to date on PR, no matter how fast it evolves.

It is an undeniable fact that having solid educational foundation arms any professional with the means on which to build and grow. It frames your industry in context and allows you to assess the theoretical gaps that need filling in practice. With communications careers more dynamic today than ever before, and with the relentlessly evolving media landscape, an educational background puts everything into perspective and allows professionals to draw current trends back to basic phenomena and practices.

Beyond the knowledge aspect of completing relevant PR qualifications, PR professionals who have completed accredited courses display increased confidence. It all comes down to the fact that they have a globally recognised and respected education behind them. This new confidence filters into everything they do – whether that be communication in the workplace, reaching after promotions or salary increases, and even making a deeper mark on the PR landscape through meaningful and effective work.

As with any industry, it is essential that PR professionals proactively update themselves or they risk fading into obsolescence, lagging behind not only colleagues but competitors.

The CIPR courses we offer at The PR Academy MENA are guided by years of professional industry expertise, giving candidates the best possible foundation. They are globally recognised, respected, and accredited courses designed to equip candidates with a deep theoretical understanding of PR, and the skills needed to apply it in real-world instances. That, coupled with extensive resources and a suite of hands-on tutors, makes for an unbeatable starting point for professional improvement.

As a team of professionals in the PR industry in MENA, we have witnessed the tangible effects of an educational foundation at both an individual and industry landscape level. We have seen the opportunities that unfold if given the right start. And we have seen the exponential professional growth that can sprout from the humble decision to improve.

If you or your company would like to witness the benefits for yourself, learn more about our courses here and register to raise the bar for PR through the PR Academy MENA suite of PR and communications courses.

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